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Bet365 is the trade name for Bet365 Group Ltd. This Company is an online British company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Founded as part of the Bet365 Group Ltd in the year 2000, this online gambling and gaming site offers a wide range of casino games, sports, poke, bingo as well as skill games. It has since made a name for itself and has proven to be highly reputable in delivering top online gambling experience. Even though it started out initially as a bookmarker, today it features numerous gambling options as well as great casino games. They earned their license from the Government of Gibraltar with the license number RGL 075 and are also regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Asides license from the Government of Gibraltar, they also obtained licensure from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It has its Australian business licensed by the Northern Territory Government and has other offices located in Malta, Australia, Bulgaria, Gibraltar and Manchester. The aim of regulating, monitoring and controlling this online gambling site is not just for the sake of legality but also to ensure fair play and that gaming conditions of players are secure. If you are a lover of sports betting, casino games, poker or even bingo then, Bet365 India would surely appeal to you as it is regarded as one of the largest online gambling companies worldwide. Since 2000 when it was established, it has grown to become one of the major figures in the online gambling world. It doesn’t really matter if you are keen on the table games, slot or arcade games, Bet365 has got you covered as it offers a wide range of incredible games that satisfies the need of all players. Once you create your account, you will be given full access to this array of game collections featured on Bet365.

Bet365 in India

No need to ask if Indians are fans of Bet365 as it is one online gambling site that has gained popularity amongst the Indians. One of the reasons Indians love Bet365 is the fact that they are welcomed to play on the platform. It offers premium online sports betting as well as other betting options such as cricket betting (one of the favourites for Indians). They offer a variety of cricket leagues Indians can wager on such as Ashes Series, World Cups, T10 as well as the Indian Premier League! Bet365 has even longer history for Indian players than some other online casinos such as the Betway. Its legitimacy is also assured.
Some still wonder if Bet365 is actually legal in India. The fact is that this online gambling website has made many rounds in India in recent times and a large number of Indians can’t help but bet on their favourite sports activities using the Bet365 online platform or app. There is also no doubt that Cricket is one of the most popular sports activities in India. Even though betting on cricket online is a new thing In India, cricket betting has always been taking place in India over a long time. While betting is said to be lawfully illegal in India, it is not absolutely illegal. There are specific Indian laws that have prohibited Indians from gambling and betting in public places such as the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Indian Contract Act of 1872. However, it is noteworthy to say that none of these laws covers online betting activities thus; one can’t say online betting is covered under the prohibited acts. Another reason why Bet365 is operational in India is the fact that it has its servers located in other countries where betting is legal. This means they do not operate from India and India does not in any way have jurisdiction over an activity that does not take place within its geographical boundary. Bet365 does not only permit Indians to bet on cricket but also to bet on all sporting options available on the platform.

Why Bet365 is quite popular in Europe

For a start, Bet365 is a British owned gambling company with the appropriate licensing. It is only normal to have it get bigger and grow wider within the continent. Bet365 brings to European players and gamblers exactly what they want right at their doorsteps (online). It caters to players from Europe and Asia (as well as players from other parts of the world). Europeans love playing here because of its well-coordinated interface, great theme and high professionalism. Apparently, it is a ‘no nonsense’ online gambling website, which offers a free and fair playing/betting ground. Asides betting, or betting on sports, there a whole lot of activities Europeans can partake on this platform. If they don’t want to do sports betting, they can go for Esports betting or even horse racing betting. Even though some players have argued that the betting site is best at sports betting and horse race betting, there is also the Bingo, Casino and poker to choose from. Joining Bet365 is not complicated especially for Europeans. You just have to provide few personal information, create a username, password and a four-digit code you will be required to use each time you want to contact the site. This is not what you will see on other betting websites which makes the website even stand out more. In all, Bet365 offers features that appeal to European players as well as players from other parts of the world.